Transition Planning

Transition Planning –

Essential for Thriving through the Big Step of Stopping Work and Starting Retirement

by Denise Gibbons, Director – Integrity Wealth

There are many milestones that happen throughout our life’s journey.  Leaving home, commencing a career, starting a business and starting a long term personal relationship to name a few.

One of the really huge milestones for everyone is stopping work and starting retirement.

A lifetime of success and achievement through a career or business is a large part of what defines who you are.  As an example, there are networks of colleagues and friends that you have built as well as fun memories created along the way through your achievements.

A large part of your meaning and purpose in life comes from your involvement in your working life.

What are you going to do when you are no longer working?  What is your purpose and meaning when you finish work?  What dreams are you going to chase?  What memories do you want to make?

Transition Planning is essential for helping find answers to these huge questions.

Transition Planning involves a process of:

  • Redefining your life beyond your career and business
  • Taking a strategic, structured and proven approach to create an action plan for both personal and business life
  • Allowing time to prepare mentally and emotionally for the transition
  • Looking at all the possibilities including working part-time, sale of business, and/or transition of business and so on

A Transition Plan will ensure that you thrive in the next phase of your life and avoid “retirement remorse”

I have seen many of my clients struggle through this process and in some cases make financially disastrous decisions because they are unsure of what to do next.  I have also seen other clients thrive through the process as they have taken the time to plan.

I recently became a Transition Planning Consultant with Transition Planning Australia so that I can help people through this very important process.

As a financial consultant, I have worked with my clients over many years to build their retirement nest eggs. I find it so rewarding to see my clients reach their financial goals through the financial advice that we provide to them.  It would be crazy not to ensure that my clients continued to thrive in the next phase of their life.

One other point to remember, the earlier you start planning the better!  This is especially true if you have a business that you want to sustain after you move into your “Platinum Years℠”.

Integrity Wealth, in conjunction with Transition Planning Australia, will be holding the very important Living With Purpose workshop on Thursday and Friday 19 and 20 February 2015.

If you are interested in this workshop or any other information on Transition Planning, please contact

Denise Gibbons from Integrity Wealth

Ph 1300 780 818 or email







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