Why Use An Insurance Adviser

Insurance Advisernet (IA) Advisers can save you a great deal of time, money and worry. We know that insurance can be complex and at times difficult to understand, especially when you need to lodge a claim. Business Insurance can be particularly complex & getting it wrong can have major implications for your business.

IA Advisers play a critical role in providing you with expert advice in respect to the risks your business may face, tailoring solutions to ensure that you are adequately protected and advocating for you at the time of a claim.

Whilst optimising value for money forms an important part of our proposition, we believe that delivering the most appropriate advice and coverage to meet your needs is our absolute priority. After all, the premium you pay can easily become insignificant in the face of a costly claim.

At IA our advisers work closely with insurers to ensure resolution of any issues from both a policy and claims perspective. The IA approach to claims advocacy also ensures that we are working with some of Australia’s major insurers to drive the right outcomes for you and your business.

It is no secret that there are often complaints and disputes with insurers in respect to the claims process. These kinds of disputes continue to increase for business owners who are choosing to deal direct with their insurer rather than through a trusted adviser.

In recent years the Direct General Insurance Industry has faced an increasing number of complaints lodged with the Financial Ombudsmen Service (FOS), the majority regarding adequacy of cover and the claim process. Of the almost 14,000 general insurance disputes registered with FOS during the 2016/17 financial year greater than 96% can be attributed to those customers who are dealing direct with insurers.

Disputes involving insurance brokers only totaled 216. IA Advisers only had 3 disputes lodged with FOS which is commendable given we have over 85,000 active policies. For this reason alone, having an IA Insurance Adviser on your side makes all the difference in terms of having the right policies in place along with strong advocacy when needed most.

At IA we believe in delivering the most appropriate advice, the most efficient service and systems and the right insurance solutions for you.