ONE FOR ALL: Business Pack Insurance isn’t right for every business. But could it work for you?

ONE FOR ALL: Business Pack Insurance isn’t right for every business. But could it work for you?

Consolidating can deliver real savings and efficiencies across a wide range of business services. Insurance is no different, especially thanks to something known as Business Pack Insurance.

Rather than needing multiple insurance policies – and potentially multiple insurers – to cover the various risks your business faces in its day-to-day operations, Business Pack Insurance simplifies your arrangements by packaging everything you need into one. That means instead of having individual policies for things like business interruption, property damage and liability insurance, you could cover them all under the one policy. 

Consolidating your insurance in this way can bring some real advantages. For starters it makes things considerably easier to monitor and manage as you only need the one policy, one insurer and one renewal.

Another major attraction of Business Pack Insurance is it can often lower your insurance premiums. Underwriting several risks together tends to work out cheaper than purchasing individual policies, as does having all of your cover provided by the same insurer.

What can be covered?

Different insurers offer different types of Business Pack Insurance. It’s important to consider the options carefully and find the one that best suits you. Generally speaking, these are the types of things that can usually be covered:

  • Accidental property damage, plus fire & specified perils including cover for your buildings, contents and stock
  • Public and product liability
  • Machinery breakdown
  • General/Portable property, including tools and professional equipment
  • Computers and electronic equipment
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Glass
  • Business interruption/ Loss of Cashflow
  • Theft
  • Money
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Tax investigation
  • Personal accident
  • Marine Transit and cargo.


Nowadays most insurers have a ‘standard’ business pack policy, often with options tailored specifically for the needs of small businesses. This will usually include a combination of cover types from the above list, but not all. If you require something that isn’t included in the standard policy, it can usually be added. But be aware, customising your insurance will almost certainly incur a higher premium.

Do you need it?

Every business is different. This means it’s essential to consider what’s included (and, just as importantly, what isn’t) with any type of Business Pack Insurance well before signing up. What types of insurance does your business currently have? Are there any cover gaps that need to be filled? Do you already have a lot of different policies? Would it be easier if everything was combined under one policy? Could it even be more cost-effective for your bottom line?

Asking these questions should help you get a clearer idea whether Business Pack Insurance is right for your business. You may also find it helpful to discuss your situation with an Insurance Advisernet Authorised Representative in your area.  They’re business insurance experts and will be very happy to help you get the right cover for today, and tomorrow. 

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